Hello, I’m Allie aka the Chia Queen. I’m a work-at-home freelance writer with a love for wellness and healthy foods that dates back to my 70s childhood and hippie mom. I fell in love with chia seeds a few years ago when, at a health food store, I spotted a weird-looking version of one of my favorite drinks, grape kombucha. It had these jiggly, gelatinous seeds suspended in it, and I just had to try it. As I sucked down the yummy chia seeds, my first thought was: I could do this at home!

I started researching the benefits of chia seeds, decided they should be a part of my and my husband’s daily diet (haven’t tried them on the dogs yet) and started experimenting. My husband thought I’d gone mad when I took over the kitchen, mixing up all kinds of chia concoctions and putting jars of odd-looking stuff in the fridge. But after he learned about the health benefits, he came around and now asks for a chia smoothie pretty much every day.

I started ChiaQueen.com to share my passion for chia seeds with you, and to provide well-researched, evidence-based chia seed facts (Hey, I have a background in old-school journalism, so I go by the newsroom mantra of “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”) as well as tips and recipes. Welcome, and enjoy!